Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is Me - MRA Radio Broadcast Releases Charity Single

Radio broadcaster known for its good sound good kalo not going to be a radio announcer as well. hehehe. And this time, the existing radio broadcasters under the auspices of MRA Broadcast Media ngerilis a single course exist but keep the good work for sharing anything.

The project is a collaboration between MRA Broadcast Media with 601 Records, who released a single that eventually the results will be donated to the Indonesian Oncology Foundation for Children.

A single, entitled This Is Me is a single released by the broadcasters, radio broadcasters and incorporated into the Broadcasters Project has begun playing the radio throughout the MRA under the auspices of the Hardrock FM Media, I Radio, Cosmopolitan, and most recently the Brava Radio launchingnya along with launching the single "This Is Me" from The Broadcasters Project at Indochine, FX, Jakarta.

In this single collaboration is involved Malaiholo Harvey, Ary Kirana, Gamila, Yarra Aristi, Irina Goddess, Nina Tamam, Liza Aaron, Santi Bonis, Rahmah Ummaya, Bhishma Nugraha, Steny Agustaf, Sita Nursanti, Bona Sardo, Rafiq, Princess Suhendro, Buluk Superglad, Melaney Richardo, Ichsan Akbar, Dimas Akira, Molen, Marsha, Sandi Andarusman, Jimi The Upstairs, Radhini, natin ME, Arief Rachman, banner Pragiwaksono, Iwan Zen.

Weits, all broadcasters join together. For good cause, pray for good luck with the sale of singles. Amen. Amen and Ameeen.